How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?


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Mar 4, 2021
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I'm curious how many guitars the average MLP jabroni owns. I'm looking over time to build a collection, as I love the variety of tones, history, and feel of different models. So I'm curious what an average number of guitars is for collectors. Pictures welcome, but just looking for a number.


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Mar 17, 2020
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2 Custom Shop LPs (my 1 and 2)
a Standard (bought for cheap from Gibson pre Gibson demo shop--was a Prototype)
A studio (pawn shop find. "Beat around" guitar)
a couple of fun, painted Epihphones
a Gretsch Brian Setzer that I picked up with and fell in love
A MIJ strat (pawn shop, owned by a Nashville Pro, really great)
A MIJ Tele--Japan exclusive "Tele-Gib" (google it if you have not heard of it)
A Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman (mislabeled at GC, too good to pass up)
A pawn shop Martin (top seam seperation. Guy thought it was a crack)
A LP jr (custom shop) with p90s (got to have a p90?)
a Very special Custom shop Martin that was a Gift
a Hohner acoustic that I bought because it is pretty
a (crazy nice) Gibson Chet Atkins Super 4000 that I dont need but bought for a reason.
an old unknown maker c1900 ish blues box 0 sized parlor I bought because it is all Brazillian
a Buckethead LP I bought for no real reason other than it is a big LP
A Gibson Keb Mo signature L00 blues acoustic (reall great)
I am sure there are others and will edit. That list is 19 (so far) and I am sure I will remember a few I did not think of when typing that.

I dont "need" vastly most of them. I could be happy with one LP, my Martin, and one of the semi-hollow bodies and no one would know that there was a gap. I really do not even play vastly most of them routinely. Fortunately in my life right now (could change tomorrow) I have not negatively impacted my family finances by collecting a few guitars (over years). My 19 year old plays and plays well so we call MOST of them "ours". Sure when he gets a place of his own one day, some of them will be "his" Right now he has comandeered the Pawn shop Martin (HJ-28-top seam repaired by Gruhns), the Standard Prototype, the Studio, the Strat, and the Tele. he lives at home (in college) so they are all still in MY studio room (and I bought them).

Edit--guitars I have "let go" include a Gibson SG Baritone (Buckethead SG) that I traded to get my son a Gibson Mandolin (dont totally regret) and a LP Tribute that I wish I had back. I let vanity creep in and decided I did not need the best sounding LP I had ever played because I have several "nicer" LPs. Again, giant mistake. Will not happen again.


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Jul 19, 2010
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19 as of now with number 20 on the way. I’m going to top out here…from now on it will be one in for one out only.


Not Michael Sankar
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Jul 19, 2019
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19 as of now with number 20 on the way. I’m going to top out here…from now on it will be one in for one out only.
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I've considered "one in one out" as well, but the problem is, the first on the list for "one out" aren't worth the hassle of selling, really not even worth what it would cost to ship.
Anything worth over $500 are keepers.

So someone is going to make a killing at my estate sale some day.


Sep 10, 2021
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I still have 20 electric guitars (11 fender and 9 gibson) mostly strats and lespauls
and 10 acoustic guitars (3 gibson 1martin 1taylor 1 Alhambra nylon crossover and a Ozark resonator...)
They all are very good (vintage 68 Gibson 335 refretted 78 LP deluxe or "recent" customshop LP & strats made in 21th century)
My best strat is masterbuilt by John Cruz 62 model
And my "second" choice is a limited edition customshop strat 62 model with a 69neck pickup handmade by AY)
Most of them are "reliced" son I don't care if I hurt the guitar in gigs

I sold 6 other ones ( because I had no pleasure for me to play with them)

I still have 10 tube amps (Fender and Marsall)
My best fender one is a Princeton Reverb II (Rivera period 82or 84) 12" speaker and handwired
(same weight as my Fender Blues Junior tweed =32 lbs): perfect to gig with a good pedalboard
My best Marshall one is a recent JCM 800 (4x12 speakers 1960AV): I play it directly without any pedalboard)
My best "bedroom" amp is a Marshall DSL5CR with a 10" greenback speaker (modulation effects in loop circuit)

I have 4 pedalboards of 9 or 11 pedals (if possible with stereo modulation effects in the end)
I have a mini pedalboard with only mini pedals
All my pedalboards have cioks power supplies on the back side and a buffer pedal as first connection then true bypass pedals if possible)
Jan 24, 2022
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17 total.

'22 Gibson Slash Standard Les Paul
'21 Gibson 60's Standard Les Paul
'21 Gibson Tribute Les Paul
'81 Gibson E2 Explorer
'21 Fender American Pro II Strat
'76 Fender Tele
'92 PRS Custom 10 top
'21 PRS Mira
'88 Custom Shop Hamer with scalloped neck from 12th
'88 Hamer (don't have a clue what model)
80's Ibanez
80's Ibanez Bass
80's Kramer
60's Framus
'87 Ovation 6 string Acoustic
'90 Ovation 12 string Acoustic
'89 Martin Acoustic

Jamil Ecrire

Aug 30, 2017
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102, I think I have 8 on order, lol. Jumped quickly this year. I was only at 86 January 1st.

I've got 2 LPs on order (1 Epi 1 Gibson) Right now I'm at 34 LPs (10 Epi 24 Gibson).

I really need to pare down but I hate dealing with people. Then dealing with the absurd fees, shipping, people trying to rip me off. I'd rather just keep them.

Only thing besides my home I've ever spent money on that still has some value (music gear). Everything else depreciates quickly, especially ex-wives! I could have had some real 58/59/60 Les Pauls for what I wasted on 2 of them. Hindsight!


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Jan 8, 2014
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Once upon a time about 2 years ago I had over 35. Now I have 3. I have a 1986 Korean Squier Strat, a Schecter PT Apocalypse and a Mini Strat.

I haven't played any of them for nearly a year. The knife making hobby has taken over my love and my time...


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Apr 29, 2010
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I'm curious how many guitars the average MLP jabroni owns. I'm looking over time to build a collection, as I love the variety of tones, history, and feel of different models. So I'm curious what an average number of guitars is for collectors. Pictures welcome, but just looking for a number.

So my BiL asked "what's a normal number of guitars to have."
I told him five or six is normal.
He said, "whoa that sounds more like an enthusiast."
"No" I replied "an enthusiast will have ten to fifteen."
He said, "that must be a collector"
"Not so, a collector will likely own a hundred or more."
"A hundred or more guitars" he exclaimed, "that's psycho!!!"
I informed him that "no, psychos aren't much into guitar, they'll own one or two at most."
He said "see that sounds like a normal person."
"No" I patiently explained "we already went over that, a normal person has five of six guitars."


Jun 10, 2011
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Im a bargain hunter so for awhile i curated a $1000 guitar collection. It had about 13 in the list inclding mia gibson and fender. Stll have most of them

My later $1000 guitar collection only included 1 guitar. My 2013 lp studio deluxe. I have a few collections.
I had a list somewhere upto date as of 2 years ago.
Edit. Here it is. Looks about 36 working guitars and 6 basses

My Gear:Electric
Gibson '13 studio dlx hsb
Gibson '79 flying V
Gibson '06 sg faded
Gibson '15 LP CM w gforce
Epiphone Casino coupe
Epiphone dot studio
Fender USA strat w mjt body _w Original body 81
Fender lead II
Firefly spalted 338
Squier affinity tele bsb
Squier strat std relic
Squier subsonic baritone
Agile al2500 albino
Agile al3001 hsb
Sx ash Ltd strat
Sx ash strat short scale
Sx ash tele
Sx callisto jr
Dean vendetta
Washburn firebird. Ps10
Johnson trans red strat
Johnson jazz box Vegas
Seville explorer
Inlaid tele
flametop bigsby tele wood inlaid neck

new Eastman acoustic
Sigma dm3 dread x2 (his and hers)
Fender 12 str
Ibanez exotic wood
Silvercreek rosewood 00
Ovation steel str
martin backpacker acoustic
Johnson dobro
trendy all mahogany small body acoustic
2 mandos
handmade kit dulcimer

Kawai carbon fiber neck 4 str
Ibanez active
Rogue 6 str active 35"
Squier fretless
Fugly penny pbass
Maple neck beater bass
Wifes guitars
Gibson '76 white lp custom fretless wonder
Fender usa '79 strat
Ovation nylon str
beater nylon string
Sigma dm3

Gretsch "Spacklejet" sparklejet spaclecaster project
epi lp jr project
Bentley force 10 strat project
AXL orange lpjr
2 necks

tube amps

crate v30 30w
Peavey c50 50w 410
silvertone 10xl 5w
Epi Vjr 5w
fender 600 5w
Axl hybrid 20w
60's electrocution special project 5w
60's electrocution special project 5w

Solid state
Epi 30w
Vox valvetronix 30w
Vox da5 5w
randall 50w
Behringer bass 300w


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Mar 15, 2021
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I guess I have 14 guitars but a couple might be for sale like my PRS singlecut and my Axis and I'd like to get a Usa tele and I'm always open to new Usa Charvels. I'm probably not adding any lps to my collection since the 3 I have now are 3 absolute keepers.

97 Gibson Lp standard
07 Gibson lp custom
12 Gibson R9 reissue Lp (page 58 burst = JP)
08 Gibson Explorer
01 Jackson Y2kv
06 Charvel San Dimas usa
13 Wayne Charvel san dimas
08 ESP Jon Donais (kiso custom shop and def my most played guitar)
90s ESP vintage plus floyd rose
03 PRS Custom 22
04 PRS Singlecut Trem
01 EBMM Axis
93 korean tele
80s Yamaha RGX110


Aug 8, 2011
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My sad attempt at a guitar collection has changed in content and numbers over the years, some without regret, some with, but right now, 7 playable lefties, soon to be just 5:

12 Gibby LP Traditional Mahogany Satin
08 Epi LPC
06 Agile AL2500
06 MIM strat
09 USACG partscaster hollow T
07 Modded Epi Sheraton
and my ol faithful Cole Clark FL1AC.

The LPC and Agile have to go as I just got the Gibby and part of said deal with the wife was I had to move some others. I figure at least having one of each flavour covers the bases.

Oh S#@#......forgot, I have an old lefty Squier P-Bass lying around here too....
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