How is Your City's Music Scene?

Jan 10, 2011
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salt lake has a GREAT music scene. it's not a "big city" but artists and musicians really get out and display their work. the dominant religion's grasp on the politics and everything else here really get the un-religious here out and about. in the past 6 or 7 years about 5 bands have gotten major label backing. 5 years ago i was in a band that was getting a lot of attention label wise. we toured with and opened for some pretty impressively big bands. that experience definitely opened my eyes to the music business and how insanely crazy it is! I MEAN INSANE! money changes everything. luckily i made a lot of connections through touring and such. i am still in two bands that tour and i get a lot of session work through out the west from connections i made while touring.

here's the current bands i am in
the 321s. i write the music and play guitar. The 3 2 1s | Facebook
[ame=]The 321s rock Music at Main - YouTube[/ame]

my side project old-timey band. i write, play guitar and sing. only play out with this band when i get the hankering. the Blackbirds | Facebook
[ame=]The Blackbirds at Utah FM - YouTube[/ame]

my old band. pretty sure this was sxsw
[ame=]The Heaters - YouTube[/ame]


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Aug 29, 2010
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Yeah. I'm in Southgate (Metro Detroit). And, I totally agree.

Hell, there aren't even any good garage-bands around here, anymore, and the local bands will pretty much take ANY gig, as long as they get to play.

Example: My wife and I went to her 10 year HS reunion a couple of weeks ago, and when we pulled up in the parking lot I noticed that they had hired a live band. I figured that they must have hired some misc. local band, but when we went in, I saw them setting up. It turned out that it was Doin' Time - one of the best Detroit cover-bands that I've seen. The only problem? Out of 80-90 people, I was probably the only person in the room, that was actually listening to the music (or probably the only one old enough to actually appreciate it)?

Funny. I have an ex-bandmate who aspires to be in Doin' Time.

But, yeah....we're on the same page here.


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Aug 7, 2011
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anyone been to Lee Harveys in Dallas ? went there to watch what we thought was some cowpunk but they had a cure tribute band instead with a full on Rob Smith singer, quite an unexpected sight for an Englishman to see in the middle of TX :)

great venue loved it just how live music should be

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