how have your tastes changed since you joined...


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Jan 8, 2014
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I came about 6 years ago, an old man trying to learn something I always wanted.

My guitar was a Epiphone LP and my Amp was a Line 6 Spider IV.

I learned guitar is NOT easy no matter what people say.

I learned I'm a Stratocaster guy.

I learned I prefer a nice modelling rig over amps, but nothing really beats a great tube amp.

I will never give up but I've accepted that I will never be a stellar 60 my fingers are just to slow to respond and old age $hit doesn't help. But I will never stop!


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Feb 20, 2019
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I joined a little over 10 years ago, it’s hard to remember all the changes. Some that pop to mind are


Marshall=Fender. Used to be dyed in the wool fender lover.

Pedals=straight into amp. Used to not care
Much for them, now I like them but still mostly plug straight in.

I like teles now, didn’t have much use for them then.

My tastes in Pickups has changed a bit. I had 4 guitars all sporting bill Lawrence buckers then. I’m down to 2.5 now and seriously contemplating swapping them out of 2 of them in favor of some others I have floating around.

I play cleaner more often than I did.

I play more leads than I did.

I play plugged into an amp 80% of the time now, I used to mostly play unplugged walking around or sitting on the couch.

That last one I’ve found to be the most important. It’s amazing what you can get away with playing an electric guitar unplugged as far as bad technique goes. You really need your amp to hear what works and what doesn’t.

I still have GAS, but nowhere near the level I used to. And now it’s mostly for different amps vs more guitars.

I’m less of a cork sniffer. I still think there are subtle tonal differences attributed to certain things, I just don’t give a shit anymore :laugh2: Very little can’t be equalized one way or another.

My musical taste has changed too. I find I value pop songs more than I used to. I don’t need guitar in a song to want to play that song on the guitar.

I have no more aspirations at being a great guitarist or being in a band, it is what it is and I am what I am. A semi decent hobbyist having fun.
Well i have learnedmore about Les pauls their various types and abut Mountain and Leslie and to not leave snotty comments on guys pages when they try to sell there LPS that ones on me:laugh2:.


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Jun 21, 2012
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I seem to want to punched people in mouth who use heavier gauge strings than me.


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Oct 23, 2016
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I joined only about 3 years ago. As such, while being a part of MLP has been very enjoyable, my tastes were already in the process of changing when I joined.

Amps: As I have gotten older, my taste in amps is circling back to what I already have. I can see a new amp and GAS is no longer what it used to be. I am finding I am quite content with the 3 Mesa amps I have (Mark IV, TA-30, and Nomad). Each one fills a niche. I smile no matter which one I plug into.

For pedals, My tastes now lead more to dirt pedals than anything else. In my younger days, I had flanges, filters, choruses, ... everything LaSalle Music (West Hartford, CT) carried. Now, I have more simple tastes. While I do enjoy playing around with dirt pedals, I like the simplicity of my Zoom G5 pedal for reverb, delay, ... all of that sort of processing. Works rather nice. And to be quite frank, by the time it makes its way though the entire chain (from my pedals to my amp to the mic to the mixer to the PA), I can't tell the difference between the Zoom G5 pedal and a regular stompbox.

Concerning guitars, My tastes haven't really changed. Being left-handed certainly helps here. My SG is still my favorite. My LP (the one in my sig) is second on some days, and my Strat is second on some days. Depends on which one I am using.

Playing styles. When I was younger, the heavier the better, the more gain the better. I am now more into low to mid gain, with a lot of actual true/blue clean thrown in there. I am finding low to mid gain kinds of makes my tone stand out more than a higher gain. I am really starting to like coming up with harmony parts and anti-melodies to the "regular" lead part. Lots of fun using the harmonies to bring out some of the moods the lyrics try to set.


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Aug 11, 2010
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Done with tone chasing now . I have settled on one LP , well 2 really, 1 big amp and 1 small amp . I used to have piles of pickups and swap them like crazy but Can’t be bothered now. This forum and all the pickup changes taught me a lot about sonic differences. I seem to have less time to play as my focus has shifted a bit but I still enjoy it.


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Feb 22, 2008
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I was never really even into Les Pauls...I liked Charvels and Jacksons with Floyds. I did like the Explorer though...then a friend loaned me his '84 LP Standard with EMG's...totally shocked me. I immediately ordered a brand new 2000 Les Paul Standard Raw Power. Still the best sounding guitar I have ever heard and it lead me here. I didn't like the weight or the body thickness though. Someone on Harmony Central or the Gibson forum suggested a Custom Lite and that's my favorite guitar to this day.

I like Gibsons. I like the Mahogany, I like the scale length, the 3x3 head stock..... they just suit me. Sg's are awesome, love flying V's, but Les Pauls are my favorite.

Lots of guitars I have never played though, so who knows?