How are you liking the "tall/narrow" frets on your R-8?


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Sep 17, 2011
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May 26, 2015
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I like the tall/narrows on my 2018 R8 because they are very similar to the frets on my Gibson USA Traditional (& soon to arrive Gibson USA SG). It makes going back & forth between the R8 & the USA guitars easier.

Plus it’s a reissue of a 58 LP, shouldn’t it have proper 58 tall/narrow frets? :hmm:

That said, I don’t dislike the lower/wider frets on my earlier R8s either.
Looking back through this thread and reading my response from 2019, I feel compelled to reply to myself and amend my take on the tall/narrow frets.

While it is true that the tall/narrows are more similar to Gibson USA’s frets... and that did make going back and forth between my USA guitars and my 2018 R8 easier... ultimately, after getting some additional CS guitars with the normal medium jumbos (ie, the frets typically found on R9s and prior to 2018 also found on R8s) the tall/narrows really began to have noticeable playability drawbacks by comparison. In the end this playability difference made me pick up the R8 less and less. And then when I did, the tall/narrows were even more troublesome for me because I’d become so accustomed to the medium jumbos.

In the end, the frets on my 2018 R8 ended up being one of the primary reasons I decided to sell it. I considered getting a refret, but frankly in the end figured it was just time to move it onto someone else (I have other LPs to fill my needs). So in the end, I guess my final conclusion is... I don’t really dig the tall/narrows after all.

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