Historic Les Paul Jr vs Originals


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Nov 3, 2019
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Hey guys first time post here, long time reader/lurker. Been a huge fan of the forum for many years. I just recently acquired a 2019 Historic 1957 LP JR Vos singlecut in sunburst. (my favorite of all the jr's). Ive always wanted an old one but never found the right now in my price range. For those out there with experience with both, how much of a difference is there really? Is it worh double the price of the custom shop? I know theyre special guitars the old ones, but any light you guys can shed on the matter in terms of details would be much appreciated


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Sep 6, 2007
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The Custom Shop models are very nice and honestly, you're missing out on much as compared to a vintage Junior. There are subtle differences between them, primarily the neck joint is constructed a little different, although I don't think it makes any difference tone wise..

I owned a 2006 Historic in the past and I currently own a 2010 Junior. The necks on both are beefier than the originals I've played. I don't have any problems adjusting to a fat neck, so for me that's really not an issue.

The frets on the Historic are wider and taller than the vintage frets, which is a good thing. The Historic's tuners are likely to work better than any original tuners.

The Gibson modern P90 is actually a very good pickup, although I did replace mine with a Wolfetone "Meaner" P90 to get a little more bite. In my experience, vintage P90s are very consistent. I've had some that would go microphonic at higher gain amp settings, and others that do just fine.

Here are my Juniors. 1955, 2010, 1956. I'm just as happy playing the 2010 as I am either of the other two..



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Dec 29, 2009
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Would like to hear the same comparison with Specials...

I played a late 50s Special and have been wanting to get one but the price is out of reach. Have contemplated getting a historic many times.

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