High Quality Handmade PRS Santana Replica


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Sep 10, 2011
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Handmade PRS Santana replica made by Thai luthier Rintr (one of the best luthiers in Asia). This guitar is made in 2005 shortly before Rintr retired. This guitar is specially made to order not the ones he made to sell in his shop. The best tone woods were specially chosen for this guitar (with extra cost). This is a high quality handmade guitar (not a cheaply made low quality guitar).

Guitar has :

- One Piece Old Growth Honduran Mahogany Body
- One Piece Old Growth Honduran Mahogany Neck
- Old Growth Eastern Flame Maple Top
- Gabon Ebony Fretboard
- Gabon Ebony Headstock Veneer
- Gabon Ebony Truss Rod Cover With Paua Shell Om Symbol Inlay
- Paua Shell Eagle Headstock Inlay
- Fretboard Abalone Bird Inlays
- Made in Germany Schaller Tuners
- 500k Push-pull Tone Pot For Coil Splitting
- PRS Tremolo Bridge

These parts were added to the guitar :

- PRS Dragon I Pickups (one of the best pickups ever made by PRS, it is not longer in production. They are hard to come by and expensive)
- PRS Tremolo Bridge

Guitar is in mint condition except for a tiny ding at the back. Guitar is very well made (quality and workmanship is just as good as any high end PRS guitar) and plays really good. It really captures the Santana tone, very smooth and buttery. Roll off the tone on the neck pickup and you get the classic Santana tone. Comes with a hard case. Looking to trade for a good condition Gibson Les Paul Classic Flame Top (would prefer the word Les Paul Model instead of Les Paul Classic on the headstock) or other well made Gibson Les Paul replicas. If there are no trades, i'm looking to sell it for $1950. Paypal as gift or buyer pays the Paypal fees. I have loads of positive feedback on other hobby forums. Interested parties, do drop me a pm and make me an offer, no lowball offers please. Cheers :)








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