Hi everyone, Hey I bought what was supposed to be a 1974 Les Paul but now with it sitting right in front of me, I see some issues that I missed. Help!


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Aug 11, 2009
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if his angle is to establish an earlier year either because he's wanting to sell it or because he wants to make sure he didn't take a bath on it, I can see the hostility a bit.

I searched on MLP for a long time before finding my first Les Paul through a trade and I was scared I'd gotten something wonky so I was messaging Boleskinhouse to make sure it was OK. I didn't notice anything but the guitar tech I use didn't think the Pingworks hardware was original, which it was. Also, the whole thing would be laughable to anyone who knows me now, as there isn't a single piece of original hardware on any of my Les Pauls now.


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Feb 20, 2012
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wonder why he did not consider a 1976 since it started with two zeros???
That was my first thought.

Also, in all due respect, to the OP, you came here looking for advice on a norlin. The guy who probably knows the MOST here about Norlins, told you what it was.
I would take Hardcores word, and enjoy your late 74 but really 75.

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