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Jan 29, 2008
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Bought this off a member here, the purchase couldn't have gone smoother. Tip top build quality in these SG1801px's and that pickup is fantastic. Locking grovers, locking bridge, locking tailpiece, a deep top carve, long neck tenon and a throwback volute on the back of the neck...just a really well put together guitar. A few quick pics from day one off the iPhone then a few stolen pics ( Thanks D1M1 ) as he can capture these much better than I can. ( I'll remove if wanted bud. ) 1 of only 12 right now, benum47 only has a few posts here, but if you're ever doing a transaction with him, he was top notch, the guitar came in the original Yamaha box, original case, all really well protected and arrived as advertised, brand new condition. Best I can do with posting pictures, the knowledge I used to have of posting them actually in the thread seems to have got up and left me.


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