Help with my 2000 Studio..


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Aug 3, 2021
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Hey guys, I just purchased my first LP. I’ve been looking for some answers as I’m kinda at a loss as to where to start the research. According to the serial number is was released late 2000, and I know it has paint that was leftover from the GEM series a year prior, but I was wondering why the trapezoid inlays were smaller, I can’t seem to find anything about this on the net.. thanks.


Bobby Mahogany

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Feb 25, 2012
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Welcome to the Forum!

Nice find you got!

The Studio Series was about cutting costs while delivering the Gibson experience to eventual buyers.
Hence the body was not as thick, there was no binding, some had multiple pieces mahogany backs,
no Gibson MOP inlay on the headstock, etc.
And along the way, some got smaller inlays.
Ebony board and gold hardware were also part of the combination of features for Studio's.

In 2000, I'm pretty sure they were fitted with the 490R and 498T pickups combination just like the Standards.
The 490R and 490T pair was also used through the years.
The 498T has an output of around 12k, slightly hotter. So you can measure yours and know what you have.

Your guitar seems to fit into the description of this one:

Real nice looking guitar you got there!

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