Help on Question about “modern”(2015-Present) Gibson Nitro Finish Aging and Wear


Jan 31, 2022
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Thats just the finish sinking in spots as it 'dries' completely.
You notice it on solid colours and especially metallic as it telegraphs every flaw. Mere clear coat over tinted grainfill like on back/neck won't show is as much.....and thats over a different wood species anyhow so it will react/sink a little differently anyhow.
You might be right, but why am I only seeing this on the spot that sees the most contact with my arm? Just coincidence? As you mentioned, I never saw this on my 60th anniv R9 that I played just as much for several years before I got the goldtop. Judging by other people's experience, it may be a long time before I see any true play wear on this guitar. Not that I'm trying to accelerate it, I just would like to track it over time. Kinda like that Talking Heads song Seen & Not Seen.

My old friend who had a '76 black LP custom, the neck of his guitar was down to the bare wood in places, and I know that he wasn't artificially aging it. I'm curious how other older custom shop guitars that see regular play are looking.


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Apr 16, 2012
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That look (orange peel) is typically what you see when spraying before buffing. Unless you have Rory Gallagher type sweat you won't have done anything to wear the clear down yet, that usually takes a LOT of time. It could be that you are getting a reaction to sweat chemicals of course rather than any wearing effect too.
You tend to get the wearing on the very corner first - over the binding. It then creeps from the binding edge to the painted top.

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