Help me plan on my 1st LP purchase


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Mar 10, 2011
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Hi Guys,

I will have a chance to go Japan nxt year and 1st on my "to-buy" list will be a guitar.:dude:

I've a budget of around 130,000yen -160,000yen. What are some of the best MIJ LP in that price range that I should look out for?

Basically, I'm looking for a MIJ LP with quality wood *prefer plain maple top unless I can get a solid top flame maple cap instead of a veneer*, pickups can be changed at a later date so that won't be a deal-breaker. Most important is the neck shape, I prefer a C shape neck that is slightly thicker than the fender modern c profile and not a super thick neck like those found on a Joe Bonamasa studio. Preferrably with an open book headstock and long tennon neck. Fret edge binding is not an issue.

I've my sights on the Tokai LS-160:
-Anyone knows what the neck profile for the Tokai is like? *U-shape, C-shape, thickness,etc.*
-Any issues with Tokai's quality?
-Spec wise, the Tokai seems hard to beat, but in practicality, who still love their LS-160?

Been reading some threads on the Bacchus as well, how do they stack up to the Tokai LS-160?

Pls recommend me some other great MIJ LP replica around that ball-park.

For guys who own multiple MIJ LP,
-Which is your favourite out of the lot?
-How do you decide which are keepers?
-Also, a little comparison between them is much appreciated!


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