help buying my old man first les paul r9 vs standard?


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Apr 19, 2014
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It's not that complicated. Here's the two main points you need to know:

  • Page's #1 Les Paul never had any modified switching options. It had both original PAFs until after the Australian tour in 1972, at which point the bridge humbucker was replaced with a T-Top. The neck pickup remained the original PAF and the wiring stayed the same stock wiring, as always.

  • Page's #2 Les Paul had no modified switching options installed until AFTER Led Zeppelin was over. That wiring was installed, with four push pull pots on the controls, and an additional two push/push switches under the pickguard, during Page's time playing in The Firm (1984).

Because Zeppelin was so absolutely huge, there's tons of photos and videos of these mods to confirm the details and timing of when they happened. It's not like the Beano album or Greeny Burst, where things were happening behind closed doors and not being documented, so we're left with speculation and few clues. Page's guitars, since Zeppelin, have been hugely public and very well documented.

The Duncan WLHB set (and there are two different versions of that, fwiw) is not made to replicate ANY of Page's pickups in any of his guitars in Led Zeppelin. I think it's supposed to be a modern take on the newer Seymour Duncan pickups that he had put in his #2 Les Paul sometime later (1990s, perhaps?). @DADGAD can probably tell you more about that. Duncan's attempt to associate that pickup set with Led Zeppelin via marketing and branding is as shady as it is confusing to users.
Everything above is correct and thank you for spelling it out
I’m a huge Zep fan and I can’t stand all this Page mods and WLH talk
I unfortunately tried a WLH set and they were atrocious, sounded nothing like Zep and were sold promptly


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Jan 22, 2019
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I'm sure I saw a youtube video of Paige describing the guitar he got from Joe Walsh. Along with the different mods over the years. Now having a kind of Peter Green out of phase option.
Maybe I am wrong. I guess you can't believe everything you see.

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