hello, my name is Ryan. Here are musings from my summer. (long read)


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Nov 14, 2007
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Many of you know me as alligatorbling....

I will address you as Ryan in this post. Not to say alligatorbling is not real... bling is just a pumped up extension of my self, my humor, and odd wit.

... This summer I began sharing a lot via social networks with folks i see and talk with every day.

These musings go in order from oldest to newest that Ive written over this summer.

-The moment you think you cant, you wont. The moment you know you can, you will.

-People ask themselves... "What is it I need in my life?" .... Perhaps that's not the best question to ask oneself. Maybe the question one should ask is "What is it I don't need in my life?"

-You're only afraid because you believe you're afraid. Today, get outside of your comfort zone with this mindset and see what happens.

-Don't be afraid to be you. Your the only one like you, by holding back you are depriving others from seeing the one and only.

-Folks like to ask for advice until they find someone that gives them the answer they were looking for, and knew all along... We already know the answers to our dilemmas, we just have to be confident in our own judgment. Don't rely on others to solve your problems.

-There is a much stronger, confident, bolder you that would love to get out. You have the key.... Unlock yourself.

-Rage is one of the most toxic and harmful emotions that one can experience. Rage is total loss of self awareness. Rage can harm others, as well as yourself. If you feel rage creeping up on you, confront it head on and say "I will not allow myself to become infected with rage, rage is toxic." Life is too short to be angry.

-I just called and canceled our direct tv account. We havent watched tv shows, news, really any tv programming at all in about 2 months.... i think i watched cartoons maybe a total of 45 mins over the past 2 months.... my mind is so less polluted as a result of choosing to be absent from mass media (yes i realize im on the internet typing this so im far from absent as ads and news links are everywhere on the net....) but.... when you watch tv, its like your steadily pumping it straight into your psyche and subconscious. a lot of folks say the worlds going to hell.... perhaps it is in many parts.... if so im not going to sit and watch it happen.... id rather read a book, or go for a walk.... the world might be going to hell, ... my world however, is fantastic am i choosing to be ignorant? perhaps.... now, is it truly ignorant though? i dont think it is......

-One of the worst ways one can waste their energy is by worrying over what others think of them. If you know in your heart you are a good person and are doing the best you can with what you have, what more could anyone ask? ... In life, its not guaranteed everyone will accept you, as not everyone will understand you, often times because they do not understand themselves. If you are comfortable with who you are and love yourself, those who matter in your life will be comfortable with who you are, and love you back.

-Pride is a double edged sword. Pride in ones accomplishments and the fruits of labor is a wonderful feeling, however if one becomes so proud they believe they are the "best" ... this stunts emotional and spiritual growth. No matter how advanced you become its always something another individual can teach you, and at times the one teaching you may not be nearly as skilled as you, on the other hand, they may also be more advanced. Its something to learn from everyone, as everyone has a different vantage point.

There is a lot one can learn from the "beginners mind" ... when you first learn a new skill you are open to suggestions, you want as much advice and help as you can get. You are open to ideas and constructive criticism. Its important to keep this mindset available at all times as you can not learn and grow if you are not open suggestions.

Humbleness is a virtue, receptiveness to help and suggestions does not mean you are admitting your not skilled, or good at what your doing. Receptiveness to help means you are mature enough to know that there is always something more to learn, something else you can improve on.

As you approach elite status its important to know that there really is no such thing elite status, if you reach the top and believe that's as far as there is to go, then you have capped off your potential. Once you reach what you believe to be a pinnacle, set out to shatter that record and reach another pinnacle.... and so on and so on .... just remember that no matter how good you think you are, its something else to learn and something else someone can teach you.

-i feel like a bad ass when i put on a weight lifting belt. i told that to Becky Caldwell , to which she replied "you have on suspenders." ... to which i replied "thats cause ima mothajunkin lumberjack baby!"

-Its been months since ive watched television now (except for a very small amount of cartoons lol) that being said i haven't even turned the tv on in probably a month. My daily activities include lifting weights/exercising, going for walks, taking pictures, reading, sitting and reflecting on life, chatting with becky, and of course.... there is the internet lol.... that's my only tie to the media.... when i see news links i just ignore them.

I mainly use the internet for FB to correspond with friends, email, and listening to music. I have to say, im very happy with my decision of canceling direct tv, its 90some bucks extra in our pocket a month and my mind is far less polluted. I feel more in touch with life... i might be out of touch with events going on in the world, but i have never been more in touch with MY life than ever before. so yes, i am now ignorant of whats happening in politics, wall street, the middle east, ect ect ect.... but i am so much more self aware and in touch with my emotions and spiritual energy.

Im not so sure ill ever look at TV the same, as it only offers a distorted foggy window to the world.... today while i was walking i saw a lone bird flying low, the wind was calm enough that i could hear him flap his wings... now thats something worth watching

-Life can only be experienced in the present moment.... Life, from our first breath to our very last breath is one continuous moment. Many of us become lost in the past, unable to let go.... Many of us become wrapped up in projections of the future..... even so, when we remember the past, we recall it in the present moment. When we imagine the future, we imagine it in the present moment.... many of us get lost in various daydreams, worries, concerns, puzzlement, ect ect ect. these things distract us from the present moment and we miss out on so much.

It is such a shame that so many people live their entire lives, never having been truly present.

Once an individual starts to awaken, they begin experiencing life in a new way... Or should I say, they truly start to experience life... Life in the present moment is a beautiful thing.

-Body, mind, and spirit. These three elements make up an individual. In order for one to live up to their fullest potential all three must be taken care of.

The athlete fine tunes their body, but without the drive and determination of the mind, and the emotional strength of the spirit, they could never reach their full potential.

The scholar and philosopher fine tunes their mind, but without the internal insight of the spirit, and a well nourished body, their mind can not reach its full potential.

The holy person fine tunes their relationship with the powers that be, but without a sound mind to develop that relationship, and a well nourished body to carry their spirit, their spirit can not reach its full potential.

We must nourish the body, the mind, and the spirit all together at once. They all work together to make an individual who they are.

You are what you eat and drink. It is unwise to pollute ones body.

You are what you think. It is unwise to pollute ones mind.

You are what you embrace. It is unwise to pollute ones spirit.

Nourish your entire self, to neglect one element is to neglect the others.

-Whenever I buy something and the total comes to something like $19.33, I always wanna be like "man... that was a good year." .... just to see how they react.

-I have gotten into athletic shape, but I still dont know the rules to any team sports... I always pick who will win the super bowl by who I think has the coolest looking helmets.

-It seems many folks today would rather have freedom from choice, rather than freedom of choice.

Our entire lives we are told, coaxed, encouraged, by our parents, our teachers, our family members, society, ect ect.... of what it is we should be. From an early age many of us are taught that fitting the mold is good and blending in is the way to go.

We are taught what a man should be, what a woman should be, what a city person is like, what a country person is like.... I say this is all rubbish.

The roles we are taught from a young age cause many individuals to feel as if they do not fit in, because they do not fit the mold they feel like an outsider, and often times withdraw out of fear of rejection.

Our society teaches us that men should be tough, strong, that men don't cry, or show deep emotions.... society teaches us that women should be gentle, soft, emotional.... These roles have nothing to do with sexuality. They are labels that were slapped on our foreheads from an early age, and if you dont match up to the label, you didn't fit in.

Each and every single one of us is a miracle. Each and every single one of us is unique. We should all follow our hearts regardless of what we are told we should be. When it comes right down to it, we are who we are, and to trying and fight or change it will only cause us misery and suffering.

If a man and woman get married and the wife wants to be a dump truck driver and the husband wants to be a model, that is each their individual choice and despite not being the norm, it's ok.... Its more than ok actually, its a beautiful thing for an individual to be able to say "alright.... i dont fit the mold, and im ok with that." So many people go though their lives accepting what they are told rather than saying, no.... i want to make my own choice, your choice for me is incorrect.

Do not be afraid to be who you are. Encourage others around you to be who they are. Never expect someone to be a certain way because thats what you have been taught to think.....

A 115lb woman very well could kick a 200 lb mans ass, and another 200lb man could very well nurse him back to health. Break the mold people, dont be afraid to be who you are. You are a miracle

-We have all heard the phrase "Just go with the flow." ... How many of us actually apply it though?

Life constantly puts us in situations we have no control over... When we are faced with events and situations that we have no control over, the wise thing to do is surrender to the situation and change the only thing we can, our attitude.

Even in the most trying and stressful situations, one can choose to bend, rather than break.... Rather than saying "i cant deal with this..." one could alter their perception of the situation and say "i am dealing with this right now as it happens, what can i do to ease the tension and stress of this situation? What can I do to make it through this with calmness in my heart?"

When problems arise and we become angry, afraid, or emotionally and spiritually fatigued it is important to recognize those emotions and care for them. One could say to themselves "I know I am upset, and thats ok." If you try to fight it, you only become more upset. Its ok to experience negative emotions as long as you attack them head on as soon as they arise, rather than getting entangled in them. I've mentioned time and time again, we are what we think.

Rather than becoming anger, fear, or pain, one can recognize those emotions and say "i am experiencing this, but i will not become this."

Peace is available right here, right now in the present moment. Even if the present moment is not what we want it to be.

-To pity ones self and focus on misfortunes and mistakes of the past is to water seeds of failure. To believe in ones self and focus on determination and the will to thrive is to water seeds of success. Inside every one of us is a champion. Find that champion and be that champion. I believe in you, you should too.

-When you ride the elevator from the roof top all the way to the basement, then climb the stairs all the way from the basement from the roof top, you have a new appreciation for the view.

-I have gone though a lot of self discovery, emotional, and spiritual growth this summer. As I was laying in bed thinking yesterday (day sleeper/night worker) I thought to myself.... Who am I? .... It then suddenly occurred to me.... It really does not matter, as who I am is constantly relieved to me more and more by simply letting go and living in the present moment. We can not decide who we are, we can decide what we would like to be like.... but who we are is an ongoing process. Who we are is determined by what we do and what we think. Our actions and thoughts develop our character. We develop and evolve with every thought we process..... I have spent my entire life trying to find myself.... and here I was all along.... I just needed to let go to the desire to figure it out.... The point? Perhaps the point is, that there is no point other than to simply live, and to give to others. By giving to others we see ourselves reflected back and who we are becomes clear. Whatever your concept of God may be, God bless you all

i may have left out a few.... but you get the idea of what kind of summer i have had. ... i thought id share these musings here with MLP as its been a big part of my life off and on for the past however many years.

i hope everyone is doing well :)


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Nov 14, 2007
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i have awakened ... i am now on the path.


meaning, im more self aware than i have ever been in my life.....

im far from enlightened, but i now walk the path towards it.


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Dec 4, 2008
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“Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water.” :dude::D

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