Heavy, in more ways than one


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Apr 4, 2021
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Back in "the Day (when everything was better)" we used to think the Les Paul was heavy. Now I notice that it is really heavy. The word means too different things between then and now. Of course, over these many years, I got heavy too but at least we're trying to change that.

When I was in my late teens, it was 1972 and I had a summer job in The City. Lunchtimes were spent on 48th St drooling while looking into windows. One day, while lunching in front of Manny's, they had a LP Goldtop in the window, brand new for $260. Out of curiosity, I went in and found out the Custom was $310. Now back then, that much cash was unthinkable, but still I thought about it everyday and even in the rain spent lunchtimes at the cathedral that was Manny's. At the time, I had to sqeak by with a Melody Maker II (with the plastic pickups) and a Dano Convertble ($35 new), but $310? wow. Finally, I decided that you only live once and that I had to have that Custom. So I sold everything I had that was sellable, which wasn't much, finally raised the cash and headed to Manny's. I tried out a few Customs until the salesman said, "kid, you gonna buy this or not, I got other things to do, so I pick the the one I liked, which was whichever one was in my hands at the time, handed over my entire net worth and took it home.

It got used and gigged for many years until disco killed music.

As time goes by, economics get better, a collection starts and grows and I get enamored with Anderson, McInturff and Grosh, The Custom gets relegated to the closet because it is set up with 9's> Been there since about 1999. There are always two guitars out on the stands in the music room (i.e second bedroom) in rotation, including other Gibsons (a very underated '97 Classic, A FV and an SG), but lately, I've been thinking of taking the old girl to get a setup with 10's and have someone look at the hairline crack in the paint at the neck joint. I just can't find a good luthier in the Hudson Valley to do so.

She deserves to come out of the closet and get into the rotation. It will be like 1972 all over again, except there is no Orange Julius in the corner to go to celebrate.


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Aug 9, 2019
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Welcome! Definitely has to be a reputable luthier near you. I’m in Western MA and can recommend someone. It’s definitely not very close to you, but not too far either. Feel free to send me a message.

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