Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas to me (used) NAD! EVH III 5150 6L6


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Dec 8, 2014
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Deja vu!? :wave:

Seems like I just posted one of these...

This one, I've been sitting on. I take my chances doing it, but when it works out... I get REALLY good deals. Just gotta be patient, and willing to lose sometimes.

They brought in (2) 5150s, almost back to back. An EL34 and the 6L6. I thought I was interested in the EL34, plugged into a PPC412 and just really didn't do it for me. Went home did some reading in the meantime, and the 6L6 seemed to be the preferred model, anyways. However, I really wasn't in the market... so, it was a gamble I was willing to take.

Fast forward a couple months, and I finally decided to pull the trigger on a White LPC. The day it came in, I decided to check out the 6L6. I wasn't really planning on getting it, I just wanted to give it a spin. My jaw hit the floor. I was blown away. I didn't even really mess with the EQ. Figured out the gain stack real quick, and just let it rip... and I knew I was buying it. Time to deal!

Of course it helped I was buying the LPC, so I threw out... "What would you let me have this for, if I took it, as well?" We didn't even need to haggle. The price was spot on, first offer. Still, said I needed to think about it.

Gave it a couple days... went in to grab it, and actually got it $50 under the original offer. Definitely a keeper. Just waiting on the f/s now. Hopefully have it this week.

I'm moving all my 1 watt Marshalls into the living room, with my Egnater. I don't ever play them in this room. The Jubilee and JCM800, were really the only 2 Marshalls I play in here, so hopefully moving the others, I can enjoy them when I don't feel like crawling into the man cave.

Plus, not as congested in here, as it used to be.



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Mar 3, 2011
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great-looking EVH5150iii (I love EVH amps). Congratulations and enjoy!


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Aug 13, 2009
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Those are really awesome amps for sure. I recently got one and like you am just blown away by the sounds that come out of that thing. Particularly the blue channel. Some kind of magic going on there. Congrats!

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