Happily a Les Paul owner - finally.


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Feb 10, 2020
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Hello there all, I'm new here so I best introduce myself. I'm Rob, in my 40s,drive a truck, live in Scotland and once again play the guitar.
I started playing the guitar around 16 or 17 then after a decade or more of it being at the centre of my world I almost completely stopped by age 30 or 31.
You know I can't give you or myself a satisfactory answer to that. When I say gave up I went from playing daily to picking it up for a half hour once a month sometimes even longer.
Then last year, summertime, I picked it up my Strat and it felt good, felt right and I found the passion once more and it hasn't left me since.
My first electric was a Hohner Arbor Series which was a pretty low end Les Paul copy but isn't that great to play which I replaced with my Japanese Squier Stratocaster which was a revalation to me. Being a huge, HUGE, Zeppelin fan my ideal guitar was a Les Paul but my Strat is an awesome guitar.
These two guitars, well one really as I rarely play the first guitar since getting the Squier, were supplemented by 3 new guitars I've bought since last august.
The first being a Mexican Player Stratocaster which is fantastic. Next one is a BadCat Vintage Standard which I bought from ebay. Formely known as a BadCat Umicorn they are Chinese made guitars, the one I bought being a Les Paul copy. At just under £250 I thought it was worth trying. With the controversy over the whole Chibson thing I figured if it was 75% what a true Les Paul is at a fraction of the price its worth a punt considering I'll never be able to buy the real thing.
I ordered it at the start of august but had to wait till the start of october before I recieved it. Nice guitar all round.
Then in mid october I found myself unexpectedly £1500 better off and thought to hell with it and bought a pre owned 2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional.
What a guitar, I know there's a lot of talk about Gibson QC is variable at best and they've lost their way in recent years but if that's so they were absolutely on the ball the day they made my guitar because its beautiful, a true work of art and sheer craftsmanship. It's absolutely worth every penny I spent on it and the years I have had to wait to get it.
The poor old Chinese copy has been completely overshadowed by the Gibson but I've always wantes to play slide so it's now my dedicated slide guitar so that's cool.
I still play both my Strats still and always will pretty much playing the three equally.
The old. Hohner doesn't have strings even lol. There's also an 80s Marlin I bought last year to experiment on, first job being fitting active pickups which having never rewired a guitar plus being new to soldering I didn't want to try it on a good guitar first. Presently I'm in the middle of scalloping the neck which should be interesting to say the least.


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Nov 16, 2014
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:welcome: welcome to mlp

Great Place to learn about All Things Les Paul

And around here there are 2 Rules...

Rule #1 - Post pics or it didnt happen
Rule #2 - Obey Rule #1


Uncle Vinnie

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Jul 2, 2017
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Welcome aboard.

I too had a '16 Traditional, great guitar. If you venture into "The Backstage" area, put on your thick skin.

… and we all here admire William Wallace.

S. Rock

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May 10, 2014
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welcome to the forum, Rob. I've spent some time in Edinburgh and loved it.


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Oct 20, 2011
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1. :photos:
2. You have been diagnosed with GAS


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