Had a bit of an awakening on how short life is recently...


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Feb 17, 2008
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We have a guy at work who Ive dealt with as an inspector a few times, hes a pretty friendly, quiet guy that everyone likes, including me. I had to inspect several of his jobs and he was always patient about it all when things came up. He got moved to weekend shift a few months ago and their shift is 10 hour days, Friday to Monday. This week, I come in on Tuesday due to the holiday and find out that the office is talking about how he was hauled off on an emergency. It seems he was inspecting some panels Sunday afternoon for a scheduled inspection on an F18 and was delayed, so they went out to the aircraft to look for him, where they found him laying face down with his face in a panel on the wing. They thought he was sleeping because he was "snoring", but they couldnt wake him. So they rolled a work stand up to the plane so if he fell off, he'd land on the stand and not the ground and called 911. THey arrived and rushed him off to the local hospital, where they took a few looks and immediately put him on a life flight out to a bigger hospital. Last I heard, he was on life support. This morning, we were told they are pulling the plug at a chosen time so family members can hold a small ceremony for him.
As it turns out, he had two back to back strokes.... :shock: Im in shock a bit at how quickly life comes and goes sometimes. And how youre talking to a guy one minute and the next minute comes the realization that there will never BE another conversation... I personally said hi to him in a friendly way on Friday just before this. Just like that- **POOF**- Gone.

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