Guitars +Guitars+More Guitars...

Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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and pedals........AMPS--------plans---

Good GRIEF...............I'm "semi- retired."

Drive to work listening to this

Serving two masters is a hard gig---POETRY+R+R+POETRY........

I check my FEZZmail

"Tim ,call me."
"Tim ,need advice."
" Tim.........................................

Yeah......I already have one WIFE!


The List
1. Work out new song= Daddy Dust- my Dopesmoker- I'm sure I can get it up to 22 minutes
2. Write setlist for HUGE show in Delaware- only gig of the year-in studio +interview-<<< Delaware LOVES FEZZ! Always did, even back in '93- FEZZ was banned in Pennsy-Delhaven in Wilmington booked us- we had TWO GROUPIES ---Gals!
3. Band Practice Sat-must SELL bassist on 3 guitar FEZZ...........
4. Finish recording The Sun is a Ghost
5. Write BIG BLACK SPIDER< side project> album
6. Put new strings on Hamer Goldtop- time to use this guitar- never got love it deserves-
7. Download over 15 hours of "song" ideas----

100- Get more FUZZ pedals


If only I wasn't BANNED from Philly Poets Society in 1990-----------I could be sitting pretty ----reading in wine bars------
R+R will be the death of me yet.


" Every Second.'
"It's Tommy, your bassist.'
"Dang, I was just talking about you."
"Good stuff?"

I better finish this post

" I'm burning you Remastered Goat's Head with Brussels Affair."
"Cool, you want anything from me Tommy?
"Yes, how about burning Queen Live Killers for me ++++++++++++++


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Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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Amps > Guitars > Pedals
O I had/have THE AMPS-had to sell my Koch Twintone and 69 Ampeg VT22=so loud and heavy made me STERILE! Now, I own a house

1. 1949 Silvertone 1304
2. 1950's Silvertone 1391
3. Brian May Vox
4. Gem< rickenbacker>TR 25
6. ULTA RARE Sundown combo

7. ULTRA Rare Osborne stinger
8. Sunn Stinger 35
9. Silvertone 1491!

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