Guitar Limiters/Compressors that run on 48 Volts

Mustard Caps

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May 21, 2015
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Ive found only 2 Limiters/Compressors for Guitar that run on 48v, and also run on both -10dvb/+4dvb. Instrument/Line Levels.

The Roger Mayer 615 Smooth, and the Mayer RM58 both have this capability.

They also add 2nd Harmonics, and are more limiter, than simply compression.

Anyone else know of any others ?

Real Studio Grade Compressors/Limiters run on 48v.

I'm probably going to go for the 615 Smooth.

All responses welcome.

I'm also interested in the Cornish OC 1 but it only runs on 24v, and is not line level capable. But I'm still interested.

Both the Mayer/Cornish are Feed Forward Designs. Cornish is Optical.

Also what does everyone think vs the Best of the Calis.

Also the Mayers have No Transformers, and are vey quiet.

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