Guitar beast from the east, EM 1300

Miki Dord MJ

Sep 8, 2022
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I wrote this as comment and have shared 2 pictures but it's better that i made it as a post maybe. So here it is with some added pictures. They are old more then 10 years and quality ain't the best.
That is my baby, and i had more luck then brain and knowledge about what good guitar is when i got it, 30+ years ago.
El Maya guitars are rare especially their HQ models,

This one is made in their factory Kobe Japan by Chusin Gakki who is IMHO one of the best luthiers who have ever lived.
So it's flagship model EM 1300 , neck trough construction etc. Everything on that guitars is still stock including every screw and part.

Ash is body, hard maple with black walnut stripe in the middle is the neck, and dark ebony fretborad.

Hardware ala knobs, nut and saddles are made from high grade called rolled brass.

Pickups are sick in a good way, HR ceramic, imho it's a formvar pickup wire of 2nd generation (more resistant on humidity) and waxing is mixture of elements.
They have an amazing characteristic: huge dynamic range, super clean but also under OD they have balanced characteristic and someone might think it's ideal guitar for hard rook and metal.

Honestly it's great for jazz up to metal and anything in between, but that is thx to guitar in the 1st place. Pickups just 'picking up' what guitar produce ( the shortest explanation).

For years i was collecting data about this guitars, some of them are shared in a public on one site and owner of the site is the real gentlemen, because I was giving some data in the past to help out someone people and then they started to appear on net. Someone would like to sell guitar for 10+ higher price then they got it on the 2nd hand market and use those data to justify their price. But that is different subject.

Pat Martino ( R.I. P. genius) played their guitar just under a different name and one model below this baby, it had different fret markers but the rest is same as EM 1200 for example.
EM 1300 reappear in the UK, Germany and Netherlands and sometimes in east Europe, France and rarely in the US.

In Germany and the UK they were exported during the 70's, this model. Other El Maya were exported for sure in the US as well.

15 years ago i saw on the net the same model of guitar and person was lawyer, another person sold it him EM 1300 as ''lost Alembic prototype, max 3 of them were made'' for some astronomical price.

So I felt sorry for the person and I've sent Him some data, pictures, catalogues in PDF etc in order to help out. But He never responded. I suppose He perceived it in a strange way, all i know that i would love if someone would tell me such things in the same situation.

That is Big problem with MIJ rare and HQ guitars, my assumption is that people didn't bother to save any data since there were a lot of guitars which were aimed for beginners made in Japan during 60's, 70's and early 80's. And in general MIJ guitars prices were under Western made guitars as some of you know for sure.
When it comes to El Maya i see that their prices were a bit over 300$ US for the custom start and tele in 70's for the US market which is high price for an imported guitar. Their EM models costed more in the UK in pounds in late 70's, also above 300.

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