Guess the pickup (comparison)


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Aug 29, 2008
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Note: this is not a good comparison it was poorly played and recorded, it's all for fun.

So I woke up too early this morning and felt like wasting some time before I have to be productive.

In this video there are sound clips from 5 of my guitars with details listed as follows:
  • Ibanez RG350DXZ completely stock with ZPS system removed.
  • Epiphone 1995 Les Paul Standard (Samick) w/ Alpha pots & SD JB/Jazz pickups.
  • Epiphone 1989 Les Paul Custom (Samick) w/ CTS pots & Gibson 57 Classic/Classic plus pickups.
  • Epiphone 2003 56' Goldtop RI completely stock.
  • Epiphone 2005 Les Paul Standard Plustop completely stock.
All Epiphones were recorded with toggle in the middle and the Ibanez was on the neck pickup (the bridge gave it away too easily) with the tones all on 10. Please change quality to 1080p.

YouTube has taken some of the quality away but the difference is still distinguishable even with the horrible tone :doh:

So can you re-order the list into the correct sequence?