Greetings from new guy in Troy, Michigan


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Jun 19, 2021
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Hello all.

Why am I here? Long time guitar player. Started teaching myself acoustic my Jr year of high school 1981. Had a junk electric, then a decent Guild S-300 my senior year - gave up my senior trip for that. I've had a bunch of others, but I won't go through them all but eventually after I started making myself some money after college I started my search for a Les Paul. Never found one I liked, they all felt clunky, stiff, poor action, etc. Ended up buying several PRS guitars. A few years ago I played a custom shop re-issue and that was the first time I ran across a Les Paul that not only had THAT tone, but the playability that I sought, but gosh the price. Even more than the 3K that I paid for my PRS custom 24 years ago!

Fast forward to yesterday. Road trip to Sweetwater and bought my first Les Paul. A 1959 re-issue, tea burst. (I had an unburst or a dirty lemon in mind, but this one is growing on me and I've waited long enough.) Last night I even woke up almost in a panic thinking, "am I crazy, what have I done"? lol. I'm fine this morning.

After my PRS's, my Tele, my Explorer... this a very different animal. I've got a lot of learning to do to train my hands and head to get around on this thing. Hoping I can learn some things here.



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Aug 15, 2017
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Welcome to MLP - great place, lot's of very knowledgeable people, and then there's people like me

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