Greco EG58-120 Les Paul 1983 (EGF-1200)

Floyd Pink

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Mar 25, 2010
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Might have to let this go. 1983 Mint Collection EG58-120, successor to the EGF-1200. Very resonant, lightweight guitar at only 3,9 kg. Two-piece back. Honey/Lemon-burst veneer top. Sounds very nice, very open and airy.

Professional refret with medium jumbos, original hardware and electronics, except possibly the tailpiece. 500k pots and PIO caps. There is a vintage MIJ pickup in the bridge at 12,8k and a 1978 Maxon pickup in neck position (U1000, U2000, 7.5k). Neck sounds crystal clear, while the bridge position is very well balanced and has nice bite. Pickup rings are Montreux M69 repros. Will include an aged cover for the neck pickup as well.

I have tried a few Greco's, but most of them were much heavier than this. If anyone wants to install some nice PAF’s in it, we can discuss price without pickups.

EUR 1590 + shipping (no tax within EU)



Here is a quick clip of the guitar. Just the raw files panned 50% left and right, no processing. For the lead I am switching between the neck and bridge pickup. Just the Greco straight into a Marshall 50W at moderate volume. EG58-120 Capi Test.wav

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