Greco 2003 Dry II pickups


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Jan 9, 2009
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So, I bought a Greco 2003 GAS 130 expecting to swap pickups, harness before it arrived. It's unexpectedly become my most toneful guitar?. Can't tell if it's the guitar or the pickups. Harmonics just jump out without even trying. Could be the build or the pups. Probably a fateful combination. Had it for sale immediatly after realizing I didn't want to swap harness in a 335 type. Had to pull the listing the more I played it. Don't want to lose the magic. This website had the resources needed to look up the 2003 Greco catalogue and what I found were DryII pups for that model. Anyone know what they are and the magnets used?. Very bright without being shrill. Not saying they would work elsewhere but I have magic with these. Again, woods, build, pups who knows. Scratches my itch.

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