Got my Phaez Brink Attenuator and...I like it.


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Sep 15, 2008
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I had Randy put together a 4:4 Brink attenuator with a 75% power reduction and 75 watt max load. It took a little while to get it (two months) but all in all I'm really happy with what this simple device does.

My '67 Bassman through the 2X12 is a beast of a rig and I've really wanted to knock it down a few db's for playing at home, rehearsals, using it in the studio and even in live scenarios. I honestly had no desire to crank the volume up to 8 and expect to get bedroom player levels out of this rig through attenuation. I love the idea of running the amp at about 3.5 or 4 on the volume, just enough to open up the power tubes and get things cooking. This Brink allows me to do that and the sound is fantastic, especially when I engage my Rockett Flex Drive, Fulldrive II or old TS-9. Very nice, thick and juicy overdrive tones with great harmonics.

My Phaez SIBLY also works well with this Brink. The SIBLY is 18watts and I'm able to run the volume up to about 11:00 and it works those EL84's right into the sweet spot without peeling the paint.

There's a very small hint of treble loss with the Brink but I've got to tell you, it's not enough to hardly even warrant discussing it here. It's barely noticeable and nothing that a little treble tweak on the amp setting can't immediately correct. It's extremely nice being able to get some great tone out of my rigs at reasonable volume.

If you're looking for very simple attenuation, something to just knock a few db's down on your amp without breaking the bank, I think it would be pretty hard to beat what the Brink does.



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Apr 7, 2011
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That is cool. I have a Speaker Soaker by Carl some maniac in New England. I had a Weber that was borrowed. So the little silver box does the job just find. It is for 16 ohms and 50 watts. That is what I have. A Silkyn 50 too loud watts. This is amazing, I get the power up to the sweet spot and no cops.


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