Got my first Epi!


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Dec 12, 2008
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I don't 'hate' any brand; but since you don't live in the USA, you don't understand the problem that Chinese or Indonesian made stuff is having on our economy here. There are some fine guitars coming from Asia, and a lot of real crap (....'vintage' vibe....), but I don't 'hate' any of it just because it's not American.


Dennis....seriously.....That's an issue for the G20...(looks at keyboard,computer, pen, mouse, speaker, and telephone on desk and sighs deeply)


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Mar 4, 2009
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Eh....I dunno, Justin. I like Gibsons too (I do like 'em better than my Epi's)....but if the parent company's all too anxious to offshore, why should I give a damn?

I kinda look at it this way....for me it's more of a case of just getting some cheap beater I can work on, customize a bit, and beat the hell out of in public w/o worrying about whether or not it gets stolen or destroyed. And as far as Gibson goes....well, as of 2006 they stopped giving a rat's ass about left handed guitar players. (Saw a memo on the Gibson forums.)

I already own 2 Gibsons...that's fine. I like screwing around with guitars as if there's any potential for me screwing one up, I'd rather risk it on the cheap one vs. the expensive one.

PS: Either way...I'd rather buy used. And if this is happening, I'm not per se giving money to the Evil Yellow Man so much as some poor slob in my area who needs to scrape together a couple of extra dollars.

I'm the same way bro. I saw the light when my R9, herc stand and all about hit the floor.

Justin got the joke.

Definitely, and literally laughed out loud at it. :D

Not the best pics in the world but here it is.




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