Got my Electric City Pickups ECP Electric Flag RD-59LW Low Winds today.


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May 18, 2015
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I couldn't decide, then talked to Bill at ECP and knew whatever I ordered would be good.

First these pickups came with the unaged nickel covers. I figured if it took too long for my natural aging, I could always hurry it up later. I also,want the bobbins to show some wear and tear so I took one cover off. They did not come uncovered. I want them to eventually look like a well worn pickup inside and out.

They look great! Its unlikely Gibson paid this much attention to detail and overall neat work. I have a couple sets of CustomBuckers, one of which I've been inside of a few times for magnet swaps, and they are nice, but Bills are nicer.

Sound? At first I was pretty surprised at the lack of attack! The plinky sound I am used to with BB and CB just wasn't there! It took about 15-20 minutes of playing and there was a metamorphosis. The attack was there, the definition too. I don't know about the whole 3-4 week break in thing, but there was a HUGE change in that first 20-60 minutes.

These pickups are better balanced across all of the strings than the CB sets I have. One set of CB gave me tons of grief because they are about the same output at 8k and the neck overpowers the bridge in the middle position. These ECP are farther apart and have an amazing sweet plinky middle with great definition and flavor. Installed, they measure 7.1 and 7.7 today.

I am a little surprised at how hot they are. I expected much lower output but they seem slightly hotter than the CB I replaced. Having said that, they seemed hotter in that first few minutes than the second hour, so maybe its still a case of stabilizing in their new home.

Here's a couple quick photos. I'll give them a couple days to further stabilize before I think of posting any video, I'm kinda shy.



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Jun 26, 2014
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Congrats, you made a great choice!

I miss getting those little boxes of goodies, but I've run out of guitars :lol:

I too have gone with the natural nickel covers on all of mine and they age pretty quickly on their own in my experience, not heavily relic'ed mind you, but mine are all showing the lines underneath each string after a year or so of regular use. I'm sure that could also be sped up with a little help from some chemicals...

Its a shame Gibson doesn't spend an extra few dollars to make nice pickups but with the awesome boutique winders these days its a great time to be alive :thumb:

*edit* Oh totally forgot about setting them up, I'd recommend letting them settle for a few days then adjusting the height of each pickup till you get the strength/tone you're looking for then working on each pole piece to even out the level for each string. It can be a rabbit hole of chasing tone but its worth messing around with at least once IMO...


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Sep 28, 2014
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I just moved some RD 59's from an LP Classic to a Heritage 150. They are just outstanding pickups that sound stellar in both guitars - and that almost never happens.
You chose well.


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Feb 18, 2012
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Pickups will always sound hotter immediately after installation because a) handling them in your hands makes the pickup itself warmer, temperature wise, and b) soldering further raises the temperature, raising the ohm reading. They simply cooled down to room temperature and you started hearing what they really sound like.

I always jokingly say (even though it's totally true) that if you want hotter pickups just hit yours with a hair dryer for a few seconds and they will be!!! :D

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