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Dec 4, 2015
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I'm posting this in the LP section because it is about Les Paul.
I was reading on the Gibson website about the four 2013 SG Tribute models. On all 4, it says the following:
"Gibson USA is celebrating 2013 as the Year of Les Paul, and is blowing it up big with a new series of decade-dedicated Tribute SGs, each of which honors the artistry and innovation of inventor and guitarist Les Paul by capturing the essence of a great SG guitar from one of four different eras. All embody the full magic of this legendary guitar design, but are stripped down for improved value and no-nonsense performance."

Now maybe I'm missing something. But I thought Les Paul disliked the SGs to the point of demanding Gibson take his name off the (then) Les Paul that was essentially what became the SG? If so, how in the world does Gibson figure any SG can be a "tribute" to Les Paul? Is Gibson that ignorant of their history? I must be missing something here. I thought only General Motors was that ignorant of their history.


Aug 25, 2009
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Well you are right in what you say. He took his endorsment back when the SGs came out.

As to why Gibson did it in 2013? ..... those doing the promotion probably didn`t know this or didn`t care as he can`t complain :hmm:

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