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Nov 10, 2015
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hey guys. been a long time lurker, but finally made an account because i'm hoping you guys might be able to help me with a fairly crazy and momentous project i've taken on.

i recently got my hands on a 1978 gibson rd artist bass that was actually refinished by the gibson factory in 1979 in white due to the original owner always wanting it in white, but it never being offered. long story short, at some point parts were stripped from it, mainly the pickups and hardware, but i've got the all important moog board and the body/neck which is in real good shape.

i'm working on restoring it back to its full glory, but the pickups basically don't exist and no one repos them, so i've spoken to pickup builder who really wants to make them for me, but i feel like i need more info that the impedance, size, and magnet type. i was able to find out the impedance (6.6k) and the magnet (indox vii), which is basically nonexistent at this point. so we figure we're going to have to make something a little different then the originals.

so, i'm hoping some one here may know some of the other characteristics of the pickups, like inductance, and possibly the impedance for each of the two coils in the pickup so the pickup builder can work on something that will play well with the moog board.

i've called gibson and they emailed me some stuff from their archive that has some info i need, but not everything, so i figure i should give moog a call and see if they have any info on these.

any help would be much appreciated. i really fell in love with the body design, and the electronics and history make it really special. i'm really dying to resurrect it back to it's former glory. even if anyone knows where i could get a stock pickup set that would be amazing too.

figured i'll thank you guys in advance. not just for any help on this project, but all the help and info i've gotten while lurking.


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Aug 25, 2013
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Cool project! Since it's a bass you're talking about I'd go to one of the bass forums (like I think?) and ask around there. I'm pretty sure the RD Artist basses have a solid and loyal following (at least it seems that way from my various Google searches over the years).

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