Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2017/2018

Michael M.

Dec 22, 2015
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$1,600 - plus shipping
Beautiful Honeyburst!
The 2017 are much like the 2020 Standard.
Comes with all the case candy including unused pick guard!
Serial number identifies this as built in late 2017. Inspection card has January 2018 date.

Top Features:
Rounded neck profile: The true feel of a Les Paul from the golden era
(My favorite part about this guitar is the neck. It is right in the middle of the thick 50s and the slim 60s profile. Research the 2017 and you will find that the neck is thinner than the fat necks of earlier years but by no means very slim others. It is perfect!)
Mahogany body without weight relief.
Burstbucker 1 and 2 humbuckers
Hand-wired with orange drop capacitors
Nickel plated wired ABR bridge and aluminum Stop Bar
Gibson hardshell case
It weighs in around 9lbs. I base that on my hardly precise method of standing on my bathroom scale and getting a weight of 200.4 - 200.9 and then repeating holding the guitar and getting 209.1. (It wouldn't register with just the guitar.)

This is a sweeeeet guitar!

The only negative I can find is that it’s prior owner must have really loved big metal belt buckles as the back and edges has scratches / gouges.
Some say this is added Mojo! ;-)
I asked about the gouges and most responded "Leave it alone!" The best advice I got from the forum was as follows:
"if it were my guitar, I would get some artist linseed oil from a craft store and rub a small amount onto the damaged area. Let it soak in for a few minutes then rub kit off with a soft cloth. Don’t let it pool up, and make sure you completely remove any trace from the lacquer finish. Let it dry for a few days and repeat the process about three times. You can play it while the oil sets. The artist linseed oil is a drying oil and is a natural varnish. It will dry to a soft sheen and seal the exposed wood. It will look completely natural, like vintage wear. "

I love it - only selling as I also love my Les Paul Special and looking for more diversity in my collection. I keep reaching for the Special and realize I would be fine without it or maybe something else that is cheaper. I tend to get OCD about a topic and obsessed over getting my first Standard or Traditional. Once I had it I realized I just sit around and strum and didn't need something this nice / expensive.

NO trades with the exception of a Precision Kit or an orange Gretsch 5420T plus cash.

Best regards!
Michael M.


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