Gibson Les Paul Studio 60's Tribute

Oct 7, 2010
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the first 3 60's tributes I recieved were stamped 2010 (month of Dec.) and the paper work indiacated they were 60's tributes...having already played the 50's tribute for months, I noticed that the 60's tributes's necks were nearly as thick as the 50's I recieved a 60's tribute stamped 2011 (made in month of Jan), and it feels as if the neck on this particular guitar is thinner than the dec. 2010 60's tributes...over the next few days I will measure the necks with a caliper...for now, my question is: would Gibson installl necks that are just under the specs of a 50's neck, (yet not quite what 60's necks should be) on the very first 60's tributes they sent out?...then as production continues the necks they install fall more into the 60's slim taper specs?...Maybe I am over analyzing, but I must tell you that as of now, this 2011 60's guitar's neck feels thinner than the first three 60's neck...of course, we all know gibson guitars can vary but is it possible the first producion guitars weren't quite within the full 60's slim taper neck specs?...let the discussion begin...any input is greatly appreciated...

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