Gibson Custom Shop CS-336


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Jun 2, 2013
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I got cold feet on this one last year and pulled it - but I've somehow ended up with even more semi-hollows! Something's got to give!

This is a 2002 Gibson CS-336 in Tobacco Burst - a very cool small semi-hollow. Similar in size to a 339, but with different construction - solid mahogany back/sides with a maple top. Doesn't sound like a 335, but (despite other opinions I've heard), doesn't sound like a solidbody either - it's a very 'warm', sounding guitar, particularly in the neck position.

Slim 60's neck profile (though not super skinny - .805 - .910), frets are in great shape. Stock 57 Classic pickups, with one very cool mod - a push-pull pot was installed for the bridge volume control. This control puts the 2 pickups 'out-of phase' when the selector is in the middle position and the pot is pulled up - normal bridge/neck combo when down. Sounds great!

There's one other mod that I wasn't quite so crazy about - the original owner added a strap button to the upper horn. I wasn't crazy about it so I removed it, but left the hole - it's a very neat hole, but it's there (kept the extra strap button as well). Aside from that somewhat dubious choice, it's in VG/excellent condition - a little tarnish on the pickup covers, 2 small white 'spots' I see on the back (on top of the finish), and I can see a couple of very tiny (pencil tip size) 'impressions' on the top (barely visible and don't break the finish)

Oh yeah, lightweight too - 7 lbs. 1 oz.

Has the Custom Shop Art & Historic case which does show a little wear, along with the COA

Large picture gallery here -

$1,950 gets this one delivered to you. Trades aren't likely, but you never know.




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