Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, Player Grade SOLD


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Sep 17, 2009
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Selling for SOLD shipped. The price is pretty firm. I'm not interested in any trades. I'm only looking to sell this to buy a particular guitar that I want. Below is the Reverb link with additional photos.

This is a 1994 model year Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty reissue. It's definitely in player's grade condition as it's been gigged pretty regularly over the last 25 years and is a real life relic and working guitar. If you're looking for a shiny collector quality guitar, this isn't it. These guitars were made in the years prior to Gibson issuing COAs so, no certificate included as one was not issued during this era.

It has its fair share of dings, chips, impressions, dimples, scratches, etc. I believe it's been re-fretted as there are no biding nibs over the fret ends. The frets show some minor wear but have good height and shape, they seem to be a bit larger than vintage. One of the Grover tuners is a bit sticky but the guitar holds tune just fine and the tuners function as they should. The upper strap button has been moved and the original hole was left unfilled. The nut was replaced with a bone nut. The potentiometers were replaced with CTS brand. The wiring is not the cleanest but all electronics function as intended. The pickups were swapped out for a set of Gibson Burstbuckers. I do not have the original covers. The knobs were swapped for aged witch hats but the originals will be included. Lastly, the case shows wear and tear but all latches function and the case protects the guitar as intended.

Whew! The guitar weighs in at 9.6 lb. on my scale with the Grovers, pretty light for a Custom! I get .810 at the 1st fret and .95 at the 12th fret for neck measurements. These measurements were taken using cheap Harbor Freight equipment. If you're obsessed with measurements, please don't take these numbers as gospel.

This guitar plays well with medium to low action. It's powerful and burly sounding, real thick in the mids and really punishes an amp. The sustain lasts forever!

If you're looking for custom shop quality but you don't want to pay $7k for a new '57 LP Custom, this is the guitar for you.
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