Gibson 3-point TOM Refurbished


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Aug 30, 2010
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So I searched high and low for saddles for my 83 Gibson 3-point TOM bridge to no avail, so being that I was bound and determined to keep the original bridge on this guitar I modified a new set of saddles to fit.

Used a set of StewMac #4505 current saddles not pre 2000, opened the screw holes up with a #38 bit then used a 2 flute 5-40 hand tap to thread them for the original saddle screws (not replaceable) the 2 outside saddles needed about 1mm shaved off the tails as their to tall to rest correctly in the bridge, used a small end mill bit for that.

And presto my old 3-point TOM is refurbished and ready for another 37 years

Note: the pre 2000 saddles the screw hole is to high in the saddles to make them work, post 2000 saddles the screw holes are in the correct location for these bridges

Hope this info helps others in the future, it would of made things a lot easier for me when I was searching


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