GC rant.


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Oct 1, 2011
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Oh look what was in my email

from GC hollywood.

Hi Matthew,

I’m sorry. I’ll gladly get this information over to Management and we’ll get you everything that was supposed to come with your guitar. Can we ship it to you?

Maybe people giving hell on the internet will get GC to give us what we paid for.
Makes me wish I tore open my trad pro earlier, found the replacement pickup in my "new" guitar, and blasted them online- maybe I would have got a replacement after blasting them online?

Good news anyways, good luck with your stuff, whatever you decide to do!


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Jul 23, 2011
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Makes me wish I tore open my trad pro earlier, found the replacement pickup in my "new" guitar, and blasted them online- maybe I would have got a replacement after blasting them online?

Good news anyways, good luck with your stuff, whatever you decide to do!

How I even made contact the first time was a tweet when I checked in on four square.
"Love how they really don't want to price match. (@ Guitar Center)https://foursquare.com/thekrab/checkin/4f0a1283e4b0596c905cb762?s=zMpEzVuwnSFjlgHV0dnRL54Ffuo&ref=tw"

There emails were sent. The person I was dealing went was leaving for vacation. The person he handed it off to never followed up. Glad to see even at the home office there are bad employees. He comes back see that the ball was dropped and started tearing people new asses. It is great that there are some people in the GC family that care about what people think of them. I do plan on looking him up, if I get my surgery in LA, to thank him for the help. Am I going to give GC anymore money? No. They like there sister company Musician Friend have used my last bit of good will.

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Sep 30, 2007
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I will sing the praises of one guy in the GC organization.

In 2005-06 I had the pleasure of dealing (sorta) with a guy named Andy Besecke.
He was managing the Summerlin store for GC in Las Vegas.
I found out through the grapevine that they had an EDS-1275 - I was shopping for one.

I called the store to get the straight dope on the guitar.
If it was truly pristine, unscratched, and otherwise unsoiled I was prepared to drive to Lost Wages.
Told the guy on the phone that I had a terrible experience with the Tempe store last time I bought from GC.
Making a 300-mile trip to find a guitar that was less than it should be would resort in dire unhappiness for all.
The guy said he would check the guitar over in detail, and call me back with the results.

I get a return phone call as promised - but not the same guy.
I'm thinking, "Here we go - the bullsh!t has started already..."

It was Andy.
He was AT the Tempe store when the previous deal went down.
He remembered everything.
Apologized profusely.

After a few minutes it all came back to me - I remembered him.
He was the guy who finally fixed the deal - where the store manager had refused and disappeared.

I thanked him for his honesty - evidently the deal bothered him too if he remembered it.

So, about the EDS-1275...
Andy told me straight up not to drive to Vegas.
I asked if the guitar was display-dinged or what.
Andy said, "No, it's worse than that - the guitar has problems. It's going back to Gibson."

My hat is off to Andy, wherever he may be.
I have no idea if they did the right thing with the guitar, but he saved me a trip to Vegas.
And possibly a trip to jail too.

:cool: :D



Jan 25, 2010
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I once pooped at a GC.

No shit, went to one just to see. Must have been a dozen kids there trying to be Slash or whoever. The cacophony literally shook my bowels loose causing one of those no-holding-it-in-you-must-shit-right-now shits..



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Sep 7, 2009
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did you make it to the Loo or did you just squat right in the middle of the showroom?:fingersx:


smiling politely as they dream of savage things
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Jan 21, 2010
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he squatted over a brown Fireturd X.

It blended in, no one noticed.


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Apr 20, 2010
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This is why I order my shit online. I've used both MusiciansFriend and Guitar Center online, and whenever i've had a problem, I just give them a call and they've been friendly.

I've been to the local GC only once. I didnt have a bad experience. I went in, found what I was looking for, payed, and walked out.

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Dec 16, 2011
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our only other retailer in town thinks MSRP is street price... won't price-match anything. I'm even willing to eat the sales tax to keep it local... no dice.

so GC it is. ordered a used bass cab from a California store, they shipped the wrong (CHEAPER) cab... took it to the Lincoln store and they processed it right back, full credit for shipping and all.

some stores are good, some are bad. sucks, but it's life.


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Jan 9, 2009
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I've had decent luck at my local GC. I've gotten some fair deals on used gear there, and bought a few new items there on sale. I have, however, seen them selling some items that really never should have been put on the store floor. Guitars with huge dents, or even chunks missing, sold for full price or with only a modest discount. Non-functional amps remaining on the store floor for sale. Guitars for sale with an absolutely atrocious setup (not remotely intonated, strings literally lying against the frets, etc.).

It's the same as with any big box store. The solution is to know your stuff, shop smart, and try to deal with the people at the store who know their stuff.

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