Garmin GPS problems-I need the MLP techie squad's help--


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Feb 17, 2008
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Could be wrong (it's happened a time or two), but don't most cellphones have dedicated GPS?

Pretty sure when I was in Europe, I could load a map and see my location without WIFI or cell service. The only problem was that I couldn't search for anything. In London, I bought a MIFI device and used that, but the same device didn't work on the networks in Paris (even though I was told it would). What I did there was just search for my destination when we were at our apartment, and then just take screenshots of the directions.

They don't actually use true satellite technology. I think they triangulate the pings from the cell towers. And they get pretty darn close.

I know that I have tried using my iPhone as a GPS where I have no signal and it just doesn't work like a real GPS.

My coo buddies tell me they locate cell phones by triangulation, not satellite - for what that's worth.

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