Fulltone GT-500 Fulltone: a name, a guarantee.

Les Paulverizer

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Nov 16, 2007
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I admit it, I own a whole plethora of pedals, some boutique while some "big name standard production", and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, for example my MXR Micro Chorus is among the best ever, and quite cheap, as is my BOSS FZ-5...!
I've always had a soft spot for anything Fulltone, having owned two different FullDrive2, and old one and a MOSFET version, plus having burnt some rubber on Fulltone pedals owned by some of my peers (Fuzzes, Tremoloes, etc. etc.) I've always been impressed by the quality of the sound & construction, hence when a little while ago I had the chance to purchase a GT-500 I bought it almost without thinking, and it's a real killer of a pedal!
Im sure the Boost/OD section must be his Fat Boost 2, after all it's a great pedal so why not enclose it in a different unit(?) and the Distortion I know nothing about but I can attest that it has more of it than I'll ever need, and the fact that, unlike the FullDrive, you can switch the order of the two it's an immense bonus as it really changes the whole thing.
I generally plug into a British-type amp (preferably a Marshall or a Vox) set on light crunch then let a pedal push it over the edge and in this regard the Boost/OD section does the job better than anything I've ever tried, while with the Distortion I can't honestly go past 9 0' clock as above that you just get more & more compression and it's "bye bye dynamics"...
I very rarely use the two together, either one or the other and in all honesty the Boost/OD seems to fulfil all my needs but the Distortion has its place sometimes, however when using them both I can roar and still retain definition when playing chords; basically with the GT-500 I can go from "Beano" Clapton & "Hard Road" Peter Green to Jimmy Page all the way to John Sykes, no problem.
I've noticed that there's also a red version of it available and frankly I have no idea whether there are any differences between the two, but I couldn't care less, this is awesome.
In spite of being so good & versatile not many people seem to use it: anyone here has had any experience with it...?

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