FT: '06 R8, Marsh 2204 Replica Package


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Jul 5, 2008
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Longshot, but let me know if anyone has any interest in a trade for my '06 R8 in faded tobacco and a Marsh JCM 800 2204 replica head. I"m looking for a '14 R8/R9 in dirty lemon for both items. Not much else.

The R8 has vintage '60's pearloid Grover tuners, Wolfetone Dr Vintage neck pickup, and a low wind MHD Asylum in the bridge position. Faber bridge and tailpiece. The neck shape is on the smaller side of guitars from this era but still fairly full without the baseball bat feel. Original case, tags, COA. The amp is mint condition with low hours and home use only.

R8 (on the left in the first photo):


On top (with the R8)

I can send additional photos and info to anyone interested. Looking for a local deal if at all possible. No problem meeting up in the NE/NY/NJ area for the right guitar.

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