FSOT Alessandro Eric Johnson EJ Amp Amplifier Joe Perry Owned Aerosmith Vox Fender.


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Jan 21, 2013
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Alessandro Eric Johnson EJ Amp Amplifier Joe Perry Owned Aerosmith Vox Fender.

This unique, custom-order amplifier is one of the very few that George Alessandro handmade for Eric Johnson and Joe Perry (nicknamed the EJ Combo after Eric Johnson). George only made a few of these amplifiers for Eric Johnson, and a few more for Joe Perry of Aerosmith, who ordered his after hearing Eric's. The one listed here is from Joe Perry's personal collection.

This amplifier was stage and studio used by Joe Perry before becoming part of a trade agreement for a high-end vintage purchase. It is accompanied by a hand-signed letter from one of the most-respected premier vintage guitar dealers — Rumble Seat Music — stating its provenance.

This amplifier sounds incredible. Its tone is somewhat reminiscent of a vintage Vox AC30 with modern updates, and with the twist of a few knobs, this amp can go from vintage Vox AC30 to Fender Blackface tones. It features a built-in power attenuator that allows you to dial in from 20 to 40 watts. The amplifier layout is a Jangly/Creamy switch, Volume, Reverb, Treble, Mid, Bass, and Power (20-40 watts). It has a full set of fresh tubes, with JJs in the preamp section. The amp is in perfect working condition. Cosmetically, it remains in excellent condition as well, having been stored and transported in road cases (road cases not included).

This amplifier is a 2x12 combo designed with an additional extension cab of 4x12s to give you a total of 6x12s. The speakers are Celestion Vintage Neodymium, that are incredibly light, making the combo and 4x12 extremely lightweight while retaining its awesome vintage tone.

This super rare amplifier has a unique tone all its own. If you Google Alessandro High-End Products, you'll see that he builds amplifiers for some of the most iconic guitarists in the world, including: Eric Clapton, David Gilmore, Eric Johnson, Joe Perry, Derek Trucks, etc.

Aside from the fact that this is a very collectible piece of Aerosmith rock and roll memorabilia, make no mistake - this amplifier first and foremost is a killer tone machine., connoisseurs will not be disappointed.
Please PM for more pictures and details
$7000 Shipped (Lower USA 48 Only) May consider partial trades


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