FSOPT: Filmosound 385 Bernie Mod Amp


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Jul 16, 2012
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This is that Bernie Raunig/Colin Cripps/Blake Mills/Austen Hooks/etc. circuit people love.

-5879 tube boost switch
-Thin/Fat switch for hums or singles
-OS RCA power and rectifier tubes
-Original Schumacher OT and PT
-8/16 OT taps
- IEC detachable power cable

The 5879 boost brings incredible drive and saturation - a bit noisy, though that's par on these amps w/ the 5879, which is often omitted but amazing sounding.

Slight deformation in the chassis at the PT from previous shipping issue but 100% functional w/ no issues.

Moving it because I'm shifting to recording and need gear and interfaces.

Price: $1375 OBO (including a UK Celestion V10, just add a cab and you're there)

Trade + cash:
Fryette GPDI
Benson Tall Bird
Drybell Unit67

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