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May 4, 2010
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All prices shipped/Paypal to the lower 48 via USPS Priority w/confirmation.

Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Bridge Pickup-Excellent condition, full
leads. $40

WCR Moore/Green Bridge Pickup-Cover removed, zebra bobbins, 7" worth of lead(vintage braided). Basically a Darkburst bridge I believe. $100

Bare Knuckle PG Blues Set-Raw nickel covers, full leads(vintage braided). Bare Knuckles take on Peter Green's famous pickups. Basically new. Came from the vendor with some fine scratches on the covers. Can be buffed out with very fine steel wool. Missing a set of screws and springs. SOLD

Faber Metric Lightweight Aluminum Tailpiece-Aged nickel and brand new. Installed for about 20 minutes. Has the vintage correct V shaped arch. SOLD

Only trade I am looking for is a Area T neck.

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