FS - Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde OD and Distortion Pedal


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Jul 7, 2011
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In good condition. Great sound. DualIn good condition. Great sound. Dual pedals in one. YOu get an OD or a Distortion or both. These are $149 new. I'm asking $80 shipped to lower 48 U.S.(paypal).

A killer distortion and overdrive in one box.

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The Visual Sound V2JH is two separate overdrive effects in one pedal, each with separate controls, and each with its own personality. They can be used separately or blended together. Jekyll accurately reproduces the sound of the original TS808 Tube Screamer, providing depth and smooth sustain. The Hyde part is a heavier extremely versatile overdrive with more bottom. Use the Jekyll & Hyde pedal's EQ to scoop out the midrange for a wide range of tones and a Sharp/Blunt switch to go from compressed to very bright. The sonic possibilities are endless.

The V2 Jekyll & Hyde pedal features redesigned noise reduction and improved mid control on the Hyde channel, plus additional low-drive range on the Jekyll channel. Besides that and the sweet new V2 housing, the V2JH stompbox delivers the same great overdrive and distortion tones that the Jekyll & Hyde pedal is famous for.I

From its first appearance in 1997, the Jekyll & Hyde was the first stompbox to combine two separate effects in one pedal. Now ten years later the V2 Series gives you the same great tone guitarists have come to love, plus an added noise reduction system, creating the ultimate guitar dream!

Each channel of the newly designed Jekyll & Hyde has separate controls, giving you the ability to use them singly, or together. The Jekyll Overdrive channel delivers more output volume than the original TS-808--far surpassing its predecessor. The Hyde side is more than just a turbo version of Jekyll. With heavier distortion and more bottom end, this crazy distortion pedal is extremely versatile!al pedals in one. YOu get an OD or a Distortion or both.


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