FS: Vintage Mid 1950s Goldtop Brown Backplates


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Feb 20, 2010
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I have a set of Mid 1950 Brown Backplates for sale. I got these on a R6 Vintage Makeover I acquired from Steve Craw our very own Lefty Elmo. He purchased the 'plates from Kim LaFleur. These were on a left handed guitar for a time so the backside of the control cavity plate has the screw holes counterbored slightly... there is no negative effect from this. I was saving these for another project but I don't see them getting used so I'm going to offer them up.

With a little more light on them.. they look darker in color than this.

The 'Roll Lines' are hard to photograph but here's a look at them...

I'm asking $325.00 for the pair shipped and insured in the contiguous 48 states. There are only a few things that would interest me in trade (or trade plus cash):

- LTD Run DMC Nickel ABR-1 Bridge (no Wire)... the latest one.
- A Nickel Vintage ABR-1 (No Retaining Wire)
- A Clark Gainster
- If you have PAF type pickups or a nice OD pedal for trade ask, I might be interested


Lefty Elmo

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Feb 12, 2008
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Yes, as Kristian stated, these were my 1950s brown back plates, which I purchased from Kim LaFluer. Buy with confidence from a quality, stand-up guy.