FS UK/EU/WW: Vintage 1953 Fender Pro Amp, Player Grade!


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Sep 15, 2012
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Hi all, up for sale is my player grade vintage ‘53 TV Front tweed Pro Amp.

This is the highly sought after Octal preamp version, so sounds incredibly rich and fat, with absolutely glorious breakup that’ll satisfy and Neil Young fan, and with the 100W Celestian Fullback speaker is loud enough to gig.

This came to me stripped of its’ tweed so I had Gartone Amps do a flawless amber lacquered re-tweed modelled after Buddy Holly’s famous TV Front Pro, and it looks as good as it sounds, and he also did a top to bottom service, and fitted NOS tubes.

The original paper wound OT is now mounted to the cabinet, and the tube chart is in good shape, as well the the ‘Lupe’ signed chassis tag, and aside from typical fading of the control panel is overall in excellent condition.

Price is £1750 OBO including free shipping, which is about what a new Victoria Amps replica would cost, so this is a great way to get into a ‘50s classic.

Thanks for looking J@S

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