FS: Throbak EdA Custom PAF Humbucker


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Apr 8, 2007
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Lightly aged covers with an additional three years of real aging. Can easily be polished up if that's not your thing. This set has zebra bobbins under the covers. Comes with original packaging and certificate card as seen in the attached pic. The leads are full length/uncut.

These are $539 new with aged covers, my price is Sold with USPS priority to the lower 48 states.

Description from the Throbak site:

EdA-Custom MXV P.A.F. specs.: Neck 8.1K, Bridge 8.5K, Long A2 magnets. The EdA-Custom set is popular among Pros like Carrie Underwood's Guitar player, Jimmy Herman, who are looking for a higher output long A2 magnet PAF humbucker repros. But the first set EdA-Custom PAF pickup repros were made at the request of well known online Les Paul enthusiast Ed Amantia. Ed is a guy that knows tone and has the chops to put that knowledge to use. So when Ed told me what he wanted I listened! Ed is a huge Jimmy Page fan and he certainly is able to get those tones and more from the EdA-Custom set in the clip here. If you are after the tone and feel of long A2 vintage PAF humbucker tones but want the push of a higher resistance set then you will love the EdA-Custom MXV set. Wound on the ThroBak Leesona-102 machine for the ultimate in vintage PAF humbucker accuracy. Made in USA.

More info and clips here!