FS: Strymon Big Sky Reverb, Dunlop CBM535Q Mini Wah 535Q


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Apr 29, 2010
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Selling off a pedalboard I was going to build but didn't want to go through the trouble. I take payment via PayPal. All pedals are in excellent condition to minty condition to new condition. Any pedal listed NEW was bought NEW and was never used. I never gigged any of these live as I never had the chance to build the board.

-Strymon Big Sky Reverb (w/ Power Supply no velcro): $415
-Dunlop CBM535Q Mini Wah (MINT w/ Box & Instructions - no velcro): $115

-RJM Mastermind PBC Controller (NEW w/ Box & RJM USB included): SOLD
-Strymon Timeline Delay (w/ Box & Power Supply - velcro neatly applied on bottom): SOLD
-Specular Tempus Reverb / Delay (MINT w/ Box & instructions): SOLD
-Cali76 Compact Deluxe Compressor Pedal (w/ Box and extras - velcro applied): SOLD
-Neunaber Stereo V2 Seraphim Shimmer / Reverb (Slate, WET, Chroma, Echelon, EXPANSE - velcro applied) + EXP Controller & Cables: SOLD
-Electro-Harmonix EHX POG2 (MINT w/ Box): SOLD
-Barber Direct Drive Dual Channel DD/DC DDDC Overdrive / Plexi Distortion (MINT w/ Box & instructions - no velcro): SOLD
-Strymon Zuma 9-Output Pedal Power Supply (NEW w/ Box): SOLD
-Ernie Ball Jr Thru-Tone PM-1 (VM-1) Volume Pedal (NM w/ Box - velcro applied): SOLD
-Strymon Ojai 5-Output Power Supply (Comes with 5 cables and power adapter but no box): SOLD
-Selah Quartz Timer V2 (NEW w/ Box & instructions): SOLD

PM me if you want them. Not interested in trades as I'm looking to fund a purchase of a Fractal FX8 or AxeFx III. Prices are pretty close to market value and what I'm looking for but feel free to make me reasonable offers. Especially if you're buying more than one item on the list.

If this listing is up, they are still available.


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