FS: Single Cut, Braz,Bumble,Nitro, Flame $2250.00


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Mar 1, 2009
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This is the Best Bang For Your Buck...Hands Down! Here is a handmade 50's specs `59 Les Paul Replica, using John Catto's `58-`60 Template. This one was built with leftover parts. And this Flame is KILLER too. It has a few dings and scratches ...but the price takes all this into account, including no case. NO guitar case for it....How does it sound and play? Absolutely great. The action is great, along with the tone. These C.M. Daughtery are Incredible! If you don't have them, you will. Long story short..I built this guitar to be a wrack around, leave at studio, bring to rehearsals, jams, etc..but I've got 2 builds to finish up and two others builds to close my book on building. I'd prefer to sell in person here in NJ to show all the warts, etc... Righteous Price, No Trades.

Here are the features:
One Piece Honduran Mahogany Body & Neck
Killer 5A Eastern Flame Maple Cap -Correct Carve
Brazillian Rosewood Fingerboard w/Historic Makeovers Trapezoid Inlays
C.M. Daugherty PAFS low wind 7.7 N & 7.8 B
CTS Pots
Original 50's Bumblebee Caps
`59 Neck Profile
100% Nitro Finish
100% Hide Glue
9.47 Weight
Neck Thickness: 1st Fret 21.62 mm & 12th Fret 23.85 mm


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