FS: Rewind JPPost72 Lightly Aged


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Sep 4, 2013
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Got this set last year for a LP standard I was setting up to be a poor man's Page #1. Due to a recent purchase, I'm selling that guitar, so these gotta go as well. They sound great, and have been installed less than a year on a guitar that wasn't gigged. Still have full lead length. Output measurements: Bridge 8.15 Neck 8.67

And if you're scratching your head on why the neck is hotter than the bridge: "Don't fear the higher DCR of the neck pickup over that of the bridge. It's completely intentional and very authentic to the post-1972 PAF and T-Top set in this famous #1 Les Paul. When combined with appropriate pot and cap values and 50’s wiring, a filtering effect takes place when the pots are rolled back, scooping out some bass and mids. This unique filtering allows sounds from a thick and mean humbucker sound to sweet, pretty, clean, bell-like and bright tones, even out of such hot pickups."

Per Rewind's site "Pot values of 510-540k are recommended for both neck positions and 450-490k for both bridge positions. .022uF caps are recommended for both pickups’ tone controls."

Looking for $575 shipped in the lower 48. Located in Minneapolis and willing to deal local as well. Thanks!

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