FS or the right trade: 2000 Terada Super Gretsch ( Super Chet reissue)


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Oct 1, 2012
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i searched hard for one of these, found one..... and im just not bonding with it.

This is a pre FMIC Terada reissue of the original Baldwin-era Super Chet, which were made from about 1972 to 1980. The reissues were renamed Super Gretsch as Chet Atkins had left the Gretsch camp and was working with Gibson at the time of the reissue.

From research, the Terada Super Gretsches were only made from 1998 to 2002. According to the serial number scheme, this one was made in May 2000, though the "O.K.Card" (he had all the original paperwork) gives a dated signature on the checklist as 5-31-01. Serial number 005690-28.

If the serial numbering scheme is accurate, this was the 28th unit of this entire model. 28 units in two years is not a heavy production output, and there's no telling if that production rate increased or decreased from that point forward. but if we extrapolate that production rate, there may be only 76-100 of these made. It could be a relatively rare duck indeed.

Here's the only quasi-official info for the reissue i ever found: Gretsch New G7690 Super Gretsch Reissue | Gretsch Guitars

gbase and ebay are listing the originals between 2600 and 3900. However, keep in mind that the pickguard -mounted controls are very fragile and there are no replacement parts to my knowledge. That is why when researching these, I opted to go for a reissue instead.

oh, and here's what it sounds like: Rough mix /reference burn from the upcoming CD: [SC]http://soundcloud.com/norumba/referenceburn_stretch[/SC]

17" bout, 25 1/2 scale.

more pics:






FYI, the first pic is the most recent -- i replaced the stock Bigsby handle with the swivel Chet handle and bracket. I believe I still have the original.

Asking 2500. could trade for the right Les Paul of equiv value, or +/- cash but im specific about what im looking for in a LP: Ideally a 3 p.u. Black Beauty, but not essential. Non-chambered/ non weight relieved is essential, though. LP Custom preferred, but the right Standard would be fine. Bigsby is ideal, 3 pickup good too.

I may also consider trade for a Gretsch Powerjet w/Bigsby, plus cash from your end.

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