FS New Marshall 50th Anniversary JMP1H--1 watt Marshall JMP


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Oct 12, 2016
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When Marshall announced in early 2012 that they would be releasing 5 limited edition commemorative 1 watt amps, I pre-ordered a few of the JMP1-H model from different vendors to insure I would get one. This one that I am selling is basically 'brand new' as it has only been played randomly these past 7 years to keep it in 'working condition'. It has 4 great features to it as it has both the full 1 watt mode [which is quite LOUD!] and then it can be switched down to .1 watt which makes it a great 'bedroom/low volume' amp and it also has the 'Gain Boost' manual switch which adds some real nice gain which turns it into a hot-rodded JMP/JCM 800!! It sounds really great in all of these settings and of course it sounds it`s best fully cranked [in either the full '1 watt mode' as well as the '.1 watt mode']! It`s a really great amp! All the paperwork is included as well as the power cord and speaker cable and the official white Marshall 50th Anniversary box. $1150 [because it`s basically 'brand new' and a 'limited edition Marshall amp] which includes insured shipping. PayPal only and only available in the lower 48 US states. Thanks for looking!